How to apply under Stand-Up India Scheme ?

By | May 1, 2020

How to apply under Stand-Up India ?

To apply under Stand-Up India, one needs to submit application online. A prospective entrepreneur has to submit his application in four stages. These are Registration, choosing support, Completing the application form and finally Selecting the preferred lender / Banker (from whom wishes to avail loan).

To complete the entire process, it is suggested that you should keep ready some data / information. With this information / data it would be easier to complete the registration process and complete submission of loan application.

 Required data to complete Stand-Up India Loan Application,  

  1. Business Information:

    • Enterprise Name

    • Constitution

    • Address with pin code

    • Available space for Business

    • Contact details, email, Telephone and Mobile No

    • Enterprise PAN No. 

  1. Business activity:

    • Proposed business activity

    • Existing business activity if any and commencement date. 

  1. Firm Registration details:

    • Registration number

    • Where it was registered and registered under which act. 

  1. Key persons (Proprietor /Partner/ Director etc.) details (for each to be kept ready):

    • Data of each key person i.e. Proprietor / Partner/ Director etc.

    • Details like, Name, Date of birth, Gender, Address, contact details, qualification(s) and experience if any

    • Identification details like, Aadhar No, PAN no, Voter ID, Driving license no, Passport etc. 

  1. Social category of Chief Promoter  

  1. Details of Associate firms:

    • Name and address of the associate firm, nature of association, extent of interest of the key person(s) (in %), present banking details. 

  1. Present Banking details 

  1. Proposed credit facilities:

    • Details of each type of credit facility i.e. Cash Credit, Term Loan Non fund based etc. Purpose and amount of the credit needs details of primary security etc. 

  1. Employment generation: Expected employment generation  

  1. Future /Projected estimates of financials  

  1. Status of statutory / regulatory licenses, permissions etc. 

  1. Preferred Banks (to avail loan) 

The basic information needed to complete the registration and submission of application form for “Stand-Up India” is advised here. If you keep ready this information the registration process would be seamless.


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