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  1. Admin

    Yes, Agri Tourism comes under Services sector under MSME.

  2. K. D. V. S. R. Balaji

    Is paper bag manufacturing is under the scheme

  3. Admin

    Yes. The activity can be considered under PMEGP.

  4. Shubham Ravindra Nakhod

    Should I apply for Company registration and fssai licence before applying for PMEGP or it can be done after sanction of the loan ?

  5. Biswakar

    Is opening of electronic shop or Xerox center allowed under Pmegp?

  6. Admin

    All required licenses for starting of production can be obtained before applying for a loan. Those licenses / permissions etc which will be issued once the production is started may be obtained later.

  7. Admin

    Electronic shop may be permitted under PMEGP if, it is supported by manufacturing activity only.

  8. Chinmay Dutta

    Is door to door carwash service under PMEGP loan?

  9. Admin

    Yes. The activity comes under Services sector.

  10. Santhoshkumar v

    Is public transportation is eligible for PMEGP loan?

  11. Harish

    Can I get finance for installation sugarcane crasher to make the Gur

  12. Golla Narasimhulu

    Sir powerloom machine electronic jucqrad loans

  13. Admin

    As the activity is retail trade, it can not be considered under PMEGP. However, the same may be considered under some other scheme.

  14. Admin

    Sorry to say, the question is not clear. Can you please rephrase the question…

  15. Admin

    It seems that the question is incomplete. Can you please post a detailed question…

  16. Admin

    Purchase of Car / Van etc. for transportation of tourists or general public is permitted under PMEGP.

  17. K V R Reddy ( EX- IAF)

    hello sir
    I am retired from Indian Air force. I want to establish a computer laptop class room in our village with 25 laptops with internet and basic computer training program. I have my own building on the main highway road near High school. Am I eligible under the ex-service men category (PMEGP scheme).
    Will it come under service scheme.
    Await for your reply.

  18. Rakesh bharti

    Can i start tyre tubes trading business under pmegp

  19. Gali Namratha

    Ours is e commerce online super market is it eligible under pmegp

  20. Admin

    The activity that you are mentioning is a trading activity. Therefore, it can not be considered under PMEGP. However, the activity may be considiered under other different schemes.

  21. Admin

    the eCommerce Super MArket is also a trading activity. Therefore, it can not be considered under PMEGP. However, the activity may be considered under other different schemes.

  22. Admin

    Yes. Computer training centre comes under Services sector and hence eligible for loan under PMEGP.

  23. Sanchit kesharwani

    Can I start fertilizer pesticide business under pmegp loan

  24. Admin

    1. If the business in Fertilizers /Pesticides manufacturing / processing then it can be considered under PMEGP.

    2. If the business is just trading ( dealership / retail sales etc) then it can not be considered under PMEGP. However, it may be considered under some other product / scheme.

  25. P k mishra

    I am graduated in pathology.I want to establish a pathology center. If this activity will be financed under pmegp.

  26. Admin

    Yes. The activity comes under Services category and it can be considered under PMEGP.

  27. Sukirti

    Is PMEGP is permitted for purchasing of cows/buffaloes for milk production and selling under SME segment

  28. Admin

    Purchasing of cows is part of Agriculture allied activity. Therefore the activity is not permitted under PMEGP.

  29. Patharlapalli Aruna

    I’m applied for junior engineer. I want coaching for the exam. And I need your help. But I need job also now. So I need coaching in part time

  30. Rohit

    Essential Oil manufacturing is permitted under PMEGP?

  31. Admin

    Yes. Processing of Oil / Oil products can be permitted under PMEGP.

  32. Admin

    If the warehouse for the purpose of storage of Agriculture produce, then it is not permitted.

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